As a solutions driven company, Motus Traffic offers a portfolio of products that reflect the wide variety demanded by today’s transport infrastructure. The professionally engineered traffic technologies shown below can, if required, be seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure.


Motus Traffic offers a range of traffic signals, which feature a variety of illumination options, including tungsten halogen, LED, and ELV, all delivering clear and unmistakable signalisation.


Featuring both above ground and below ground detection technologies, Motus Traffic applications including vehicle and pedestrian detection, traffic data collection and incident detection.


With a focus on complete flexibility for the site designer, Motus Traffic offers a 16 phase and 32 phase traffic controller, a pedestrian controller, and LV and ELV output drive levels. All can be driven via a web interface.

LED Road Markings

Even in the most demanding of weather conditions, Motus Traffic's range of LED Road Markers demonstrate a new perspective for road signalisation and flexible lane delineation.

**Images link to the Motus Traffic Website for more information.

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