Poletech started out in 1993, with the design and production of their revolutionary Poletech PUB (Permanent Underground Base) system.

Previously, signs and street furniture had always been set in concrete. This was fine until they need to be moved or replaced - and that was when the costs start mounting:

Jackhammer and excavate; remove the old pole and install the new pole; infill with concrete and make good; repair paving slabs or surrounding surfaces; remove the hardcore waste.

There are now a wide range of Poletech PUB (Permanent Underground Base) systems, which are all vandal resistant and wonderfully simple. A conventional concrete foundation supports the galvanised steel base unit. This is fitted with a precision moulded polymer sleeve matched specifically to the pole size and shape.

Replacement simply involves jacking out the old or damaged pole and sliding in a new one. A process that takes the average crew just 10 minutes.

We have never known a correctly installed Poletech PUB system to need replacement after collision. The unique impact absorbing system will survive without damage because the polymer sleeve works with the special flanges of the base unit to absorb initial shock and distribute the load through the concrete base.

Poletech now offers a whole range of products and services for the industry, from Cable Access Boxes to demountable mini-roundabouts, from Pedestrian Guard Rails to Retractable Power Towers, and has become a leader in the field of Passive Safety.


The Poletech PolePlug is the Highways Agency approved system for passively safe poles requiring emergency disconnection of the power supply cables. Should the sign post or lighting column shear on impact, the pole is not tethered in any way by the supply cables.

With a design life of twenty years the Break-Away PolePlug is safe, reliable and waterproof to IP68, meeting all of the design requirements of the Highways Agency previous technical advice note: TA89/05, now superseded by BS EN 12767:2007 National Annexe (NA).

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