Company Profile

We are a multi-disciplined company, who can take advantage of a workforce, who have many years and much experience of delivering on a wide range of projects. Our engineers are all highly experienced within their fields and recognised by the appropriate bodies within the UK and Worldwide.

We are an equal opportunity employer and choose ability over all other factors when employing people.

Our Projects

Our projects have been concentrated in the North of England, and include work for Private enterprise, Local Government, and the Highways Agency. We have listed a sample on the ‘Scope’ page.

We are able to run projects in The UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Oman, Jordan & in Lebanon

We work directly with our customer, at all stages of development through to implementation, to ensure on time and budget schemes with a minimum amount of disruption.

Our Aims

We are here to aid the Modern Urban Environment. We understand that the modern city requires the fast and efficient movement of personal and public transport. We understand that safe pedestrian movements have also to be catered for. We know that a city can be disabled on a daily basis by poor and inefficient traffic control leading to severe congestion, and all the inherent associated problems.

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